Find Meaningful Work

 Meaningful work

Do you feel so passionate about your work that it often doesn’t feel like work? Finding purpose and meaning in our work gives us enormous energy. It may even feel more like play. When we find a vehicle to express our gifts, our health often improves. Certain ailments will disappear as our work invites us to be greater versions of our previous self. Meaningful work requires continual growth and revitalization which in and of itself is healthy and life-giving. Enter this portal to discover how to find work that feels meaningful.

Symptoms of imbalance: Dread, Fatigue, Boredom, Depression, Angst, Health Issues, Addiction, Anxiety, Fear, Rage, Resentment, Regret, Dissatisfaction

Signs of Fulfillment:  Passion, Vitality, Focus, Satisfaction, Gratitude, Courage, Confidence, Conviction, Purpose, Inspiration, Action, Synchronicity, Authentic, Generous, Loving

Affects:  Healthy Body, Peace of Mind, Fulfilling Relationships, Emotional Well-being, Creative Expression, Financial Abundance, Community/Belonging, Harmonious Home

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