Create Harmony In Your Home

Harmonious Home

Is your home a place where people’s emotional well-being is honored? Are people respected and loved there? Is the indoor environment free of toxic chemicals, materials, and influences? Is the shelter itself durable, safe, and sound, and does it maintain a sense of warmth? If any of these questions cause you to pause, you may want to dive in further here. A harmonious home embodies a sense of safety and comfort. A harmonious home nourishes us on an energetic level, and it is a space in which to cleanse, detox and heal. If we expand our view, we can see that a harmonious home strengthens our connections with where we live and with the Earth. Come and learn more.

Symptoms of imbalance: reactions to toxins, such as: allergies, asthma, recurring headaches, disrupted sleep, depression, anxiety

Signs of Fulfillment: physical and emotional well-being, a sense of safety and order, natural detoxification

Affects: Healthy Body, Peace of Mind, Fulfilling Relationships, Emotional Well-being, Creative Expression, Financial Abundance, Community/Belonging

healthy, harmonious home

Harmony in Your Healthy Home

By Nikki Nau Your home is your haven. It is one's place of residence and the social unit formed by a family living together. It becomes a familiar or usual setting, a congenial environment, and the focus of one's domestic attention. You…
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