Enjoy Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling relationships –  Fulfilling Relationships implies nourishment, sustenance, and a give and take quality, something of which we are all an integral part.  It begins with self-care and expands out to every relationship we are a part of – romantic, platonic, parental, professional, community, country, and world.  Curious about your relationships?  Check out this portal to learn more about fulfilling relationships

Symptoms of imbalance: Dominance, aggression, anger/rage, sadness, isolation, resentment, addiction, judgment

Signs of Fulfillment     harmony, joyful reciprocity, ease, gratitude, generosity, consideration,

Affects: Healthy Body, Peace of Mind, Emotional Well-being, Creative Expression, Financial Abundance, Community/Belonging, Meaningful Work, Harmonious Home

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A Gift of Wisdom: Coming of Age in Today’s World

By Nikki Nau My oldest son turned 15 this year, and he was growing up in many ways. His attitude about life was maturing, and he was sharing insights about spirituality, justice, and truth. While observing his current place in the journey toward…
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