Tap Into Your Natural Abundance

Financial abundance

Our money mindset reflects how supported we feel in ourselves and in our lives. It is not necessarily about a specific amount of money; instead, it is our perception of whether we have enough that affects how we take care of ourselves and others. When we feel there is more than enough money, we naturally relax, nourish ourselves, and give generously in the world. Money is energy and our attitudes and behavior affect the dynamic flow of money. Tap into the resources in this portal for tools on upgrading your financial setpoint, cultivating an abundance mindset and increasing your capacity to attract money and generate revenue.

Symptoms of imbalance: Scarcity thinking, Financial stress, Overspending, Self-deprivation, Hoarding behaviors, Gambling and other forms of addiction, Staying in toxic jobs and relationships, Fear of losing everything.

Signs of Fulfillment: Vitality, Authenticity, Joy, Faith, Courage, Charisma, Creating a life of beauty, Living life on your own terms, Generosity, Joyful self-expression, Possibility thinking, Collaboration, Inspiration, Ambition, Learning, Growth, Self-Actualization.

Affects:  Healthy Body, Peace of Mind, Fulfilling Relationships, Emotional Well-being, Creative Expression, Community/Belonging, Meaningful Work, Harmonious Home

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