What is Wholistic Care?

We believe health is the expression of a harmonious mind, body, and spirit – the whole human organism – and that a wholistic perspective is essential to healing ourselves and our world. We define wholistic health care as a system of care that considers and treats the entire person including emotional response, nutrition, lifestyle, environment and genetic factors. Wholistic practitioners take into account the overall big picture as well as the individual diagnosis.

Our Vision – To create an online resource that helps you:

Discover what you need

Consider the many interrelated aspects of health and discern what could help you increase your health and wellness.

Search for effective approaches to a health challenge

Find evidenced-based approaches that have been effective in treating people with specific health challenges.

Be inspired to heal

Receive inspiration from reading about the healing journeys of others.

Receive resources and tips to support well-being

Enjoy meditations, yoga, and other self-care practices to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our Mission:

To be a trusted source for people to find the care they need and to advocate a wholistic path for healing.

We help people remember:

  • That vibrant health is a natural extension of who they are

  • How to access their innate healing ability

  • To tend to their health and well-being


Why Wholistic Care Now?

We are dreaming of a world where we live in harmony and everyone can shine forth and share their unique gifts. We believe in the power of a wholistic approach to restore and promote health. We have personally had success healing our families with natural and wholistic care.

We know that finding the best wholistic approach to a health challenge can be difficult and can require a lot of trial and error. We work to help people on their healing journey by:

  • Sharing knowledge to awaken their innate healing potential

  • Encouraging relationships with Divine, Self, Nature, Community
  • Curating information, resources, and evidenced-based healing practices

  • Offering a nonjudgmental space to explore as well as practical steps to move forward.


Who We Are

Annalisa Bragg

Annalisa Bragg is a homeschooling mom, a yoga teacher of 17 years, an outdoor educator and adventurer, an organic gardener and hobby-farmer, and an advocate for natural health care. A longtime user of natural healthcare support for herself and her family, she has enjoyed the health benefits of many varied modalities. Annalisa is motivated to share not only what she has learned, but help guide others to discover the benefits of alternative healthcare. She lives near the Twin Cities, Minnesota with her husband and three children.

Nikki Nau

Nikki Nau is a mother of three boys, freelance writer, and organic gardener. She is an advocate for natural health care because she has experienced success in treating herself and her family with holistic practices. She continues to discover all that holistic health care has to offer and wants to share this with others. Nikki lives with her husband and three children west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Diane Przymus

Diane Przymus is a mother of two children, a business coach and a shiatsu practitioner and instructor. She has been working in the field of holistic health for over 20 years as a holistic practitioner, researcher, and educator. She knows how distressing it can be to deal with health issues and not find answers or solutions in the existing healthcare system. She knows she was extremely fortunate to find someone who could help her family, and believes Wholistic Care Now will help many people struggling with a health issue to find a pathway back to health. Diane lives with her husband and two children in Asheville, North Carolina.

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