Much of our money experience is dictated by our inner game

We have a great untapped potential when it comes to money. The stories we have about how someone can make a lot of money may have to do with hard work and luck on one hand and the law of attraction and affirming yourself rich on the other. We probably know people who have worked very hard their entire lives and have little to show for it. We may also know people (or we’ve tried this ourselves) who have tried to apply the law of attraction with little results.  These cultural prescriptions for making money can work if applied synergistically. Alignment with abundance, affirmations, inspired action, and synchronicity all work together to attract money.

I appreciate Joe Vitale’s process and story around money. He was homeless and in poverty for several years in Texas and is now a millionnaire.  He shares the resources and teachings of what helped him to transcend his poverty mindset. His mission is to help create 1 million awakened millionnaires! His main focus is helping people shift from scarcity and victimhood to abundance and greater levels of awakening. He offers clearing techniques for your unconscious and tools for getting into inspired action and operating from abundance instead of scarcity. Here is an example of a secret he shares.

“What is the greatest money-making secret in history?

What is the one thing that works for everyone?

Give money away.

That’s right. Give it away.

Give it to people who help you stay in touch with your inner world.

Give it to people who inspire you, serve you, heal you, love you.

Give it to people without expecting them to return it, but give it knowing it will come back to you multiplied from some source”

-Joe Vitale

How to experience an abundance of money:

I. Discover your current money story and wealth setpoint

Our wealth setpoint is determined by the beliefs we have, the expectations about money we consciously and unconsciously project (our money story), and the emotions we generate based on reactions to either real or imagined scenarios. Unless we have consciously transformed our money issues, many of them arise from our childhood experience.

As a child, I observed and absorbed my parents’ financial struggles around money. When I was 11, I was so worried that we would lose our house and land, I began to urgently write a horse novel hoping I could publish it and generate some income to help. My motivation to finish the book dried up as soon as I realized we were no longer in danger of losing our house. I had internalized a certain adrenaline rush from always making it work in the end and having just enough money to cover the bills and do some of the things I wanted. My setpoint was having just enough money with a bit of a sprint at the end to make it work.

My new wealth setpoint is having more than enough money so I can live an extraordinary life, be in generous service to others, and support positive transformation on the planet. When I look for ways that demonstrate that this is already my reality, I attract more evidence of wealth.

Discover your setpoint:

  1. What did you observe/absorb from your family growing up?
  2. Which of the following describes your typical money experience?
    • I always have more than enough money
    • I tend to have just what I need
    • I wish I had more
    • I usually don’t have enough money
    • I never have enough money
    •  ___________________________
  3. Write down the first things that come to your mind when you see the word MONEY
  4. How is your current relationship with money holding you back?
  5. What would you like your new wealth setpoint to be?
    • I always have more than enough money
    • I tend to have just what I need
    • I wish I had more
    • I usually don’t have enough money
    • I never have enough money


Look for ways you are already experiencing aspects of your desired wealth setpoint. For example, if you desire to always have more than enough money, list all the evidence that shows this is already true for you.

II. Identify your limiting beliefs and upgrade them with an abundance mindset

Answer these questions:

  1. Do you like money? Why or Why not
  2. Would you like more money? Why or Why not
  3. Imagine money as a conscious being. With your current attitude towards money, do you think money would be attracted to you? Why or why not?

Notice any discrepancies.

For example, if you don’t like money but you wish you had more money

Adjusting our wealth setpoint also requires uncovering the ways we repel, hoard, and stop the flow of money.

In working with the money issues of myself and my clients, I have uncovered a number of limiting beliefs, judgements, identifications, and habits that block money from flowing into our lives.


Go through the list below and read the limiting beliefs and their corresponding affirmations.

Circle any beliefs that seem potent for you and write down the corresponding affirmations that you can say several times a day. You can also crea.te your own affirmation

If you feel resistance, lean into it and ask what is this about? Notice and acknowledge feelings and thoughts that come up.

Use the affirmation, “I am willing to see this in a different way” and/or ask your inner guidance, “what is a more empowering way to look at this?”

Limiting Beliefs                     New Perspective

Money is the root of all evil It depends on how it is used. Money can support many positive goals and projects. It can support me to have a bigger and more beneficial impact.
Making money is hard and requires sacrifice Attracting money is fun, easy and affirming
You have to compromise your values in order  to make money I naturally attract money when I am passionate and mission driven (expressing my values in the world).
The only way to acquire money is to save it Saving money is a good practice, but so is spending it, investing it and attracting it. There is so much abundance, holding on too tightly to money is affirming scarcity not abundance.
Money doesn’t grow on trees In a way it does grow on trees if you consider the potential value the trees offer: shade (savings on air conditioning), enhanced health (filtered, oxygen rich air, calming effects on the nervous system), medicine (many natural and pharmaceuticals medicines are made from  certain trees), wood (to build homes, furniture, cabinets), paper (many trees are planted to harvest paper products)
Money represents the destruction of the earth This is what we have seen during the industrial revolution, however, we now have the opportunity to generate money from sustainable and green practices and products which support rather than deplete our mother earth.
I have to keep working and pushing myself or the money will stop. This is a common approach to making money that depletes us in the process. When we come from inspiration rather than obligation, we can generate larger amounts of money with ease. We may need to replenish ourselves before we can begin receiving ideas about a new way to create value in the world.
You have to come from a wealthy family in order to be wealthy yourself. Anyone can be wealthy. There are multiple examples of people who came from poor circumstances and became extremely rich in Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

Fears                                                        New Perspective

Making a lot of money means sacrificing my relationships with my loved ones Attracting more money allows me to spend more quality time with my loved ones
Making a lot of money means I will have less time and more stress With more than enough money, I can pay others to help me free my time and care for myself better
I will never have enough money I relax and trust that I always receive what I need.
Fear of Failure: If I try to do something that could be financially successful, I might fail and I would feel so embarrassed. There is no such thing as failure – only feedback. Commit to being successful and any setbacks on the will offer guidance.
Fear of Success: Avoiding creating something of value because of the transformation it will bring It is natural to encounter resistance in the midst of change. Positive transformation and success will bringer greater levels of empowerment and fulfillment.
Fear that life will lose meaning if I transcend our survival hustle I can challenge myself in even more exciting and fulfilling ways once my survival needs are met.
Pursuing money means becoming corrupted I never compromise my integrity for the sake of money. I am committed to only attracting money that comes from practices and projects that are aligned with my values.
I won’t know who my true friends are if I have  a lot of money. I trust my intuition and my powers of observation to guide me in choosing true friends.
Money will make my life more complicated I can choose to simplify my life on greater levels and having plenty of money can offer  me more choice on how I do that.
I will have to pay a lot of taxes if I make more money When I am focused on abundance, sharing my wealth for the greater good of everyone is something that feels natural and good to do.
Fear of losing everything in the end Losing money is not a concern because I am continually creating new revenue streams and I know there are infinite ways to attract more money.
I might not be accepted by my friends and family if I become someone who is wealthy There may be an adjustment period, however, authentic and healthy relationships with friends and family will grow with me.

Negative Habits or Patterns                         Prosperity Practices

Difficulty receiving because of underlying self worth issues and a desire to feel more in control by being the one giving Giving and receiving is part of the same energy, if I control or limit one, I am controlling or limiting the other. I love giving as well as receiving.
Judging people who have a lot of money Judging others is a way to take the focus off my own self judgment or feelings of inadequacy. I release judgment of myself and others and open to a new way of seeing wealth and prosperity.
Denying your needs and wants When I acknowledge and honor my needs and way, I am affirming abundance in the Universe as well as my own inherent worthiness. Prosperity purchasing is allowing myself to buy what I would like when I have the money to afford it.
Hoarding money by not spending or circulating the money Allowing the money to flow into different buckets and beyond – savings, investments, purchases, generous giving, and trusting that the money will replenish itself
Not taking action –  Money can serve as a very clear measure of success. If we are in business, we can unconsciously sabotage ourselves by not taking action as a way to hide our lack of confidence. I am capable of being successful. I will be successful if I am dedicated and take inspired and high payoff actions consistently towards my goals.
Generating many ideas without implementation which gives a false sense of forward movement but doesn’t allow anything of value to be created or distributed Value comes from the execution and implementation of great ideas. By being laser focused in my efforts, I bring new value to the world.
Staying at a job that drains your energy, health and spirit for the sake of a paycheck Do what you love and the money will follow. Each of us is gifted and a genius in some area. Serving in that way feels fulfilling and energizing. If I hate my job, it is costing me more than the money I am  earning.

Pride & Identification                     Authenticity and freedom


You cannot have a lot of money or material possessions and be spiritual Everything contains an essence or Spirit. I express my spirituality through every moment  of my life including my material possessions.
People who have a lot of money don’t care about the environment or other impoverished people. They only care about making more money I can be an example of enlightened wealth and enjoy my ability to share and impact others including the planet. I vote with my dollar for green and compassionate products and practices.
I come from a long line of hardworking people who believe in working hard for they have I honor the hard work ethic of my family by being aligned, dedicated and accountable for the goals I set. I enjoy knowing I have accomplished a great deal at the end of the day. I am choosing to infuse my work with joy.
I’m a giver – I don’t need or desire much Giving and receiving are of the same energy.  I am graceful with both giving and receiving.
I feel proud that I am someone who doesn’t need or  focus on money It’s great to feel good about choosing simplicity and I accept the freedom of others to choose a different path.

Excuses                                             Empowerment

As long as I don’t have enough money, I can remain stuck and not have to leave my comfort zone I am ready for something bigger in my life and am willing to take a small leap of faith to get there. I know the money will follow.
My children and family need me so I don’t have time to earn or attract money I am able to nourish and spend plenty of time with my family and also attract money.
I can’t make more money than my husband My husband is thrilled that we now have plenty of money and he doesn’t feel burdened by needing to provide most of our income.
I don’t have the right education or job There are infinite ways I can monetize my contribution to the world regardless of having the right education or job.
I don’t know enough about business or finances I can easily attain the knowledge or find the right people and resources that have the expertise I need.
I’m terrible with money I am starting a new relationship with money. My intention is to be clear, appreciative and abundant minded in all my interactions with money.

III. Allow Abundant Money To Flow

Now imagine that you unlimited amounts of  money and know you always will, what kind of life would you create for yourself? What would you do, be, have, and experience? Allow yourself to dream and write down the juicy details.

What feelings and emotions would you experience as a result of living this ideal vision for your life?

See if you can embody those feelings right now. Notice how just envisioning the feelings or the ideal life can conjure of the emotions you would feel. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined and you will generate the same biochemistry within your body. Also, we know from research that visualization can be just as effective as actual practice. Visualize your ideal life and practice embodying the person and emotions you would feel right now. When you align with that vibrational frequency, you allow the manifestation of it to show up in your life.

For fun, practice acting and pretending as if you have plenty of money as a way to attract the money – to be a millionaire, you must first feel like a millionaire feels. This is actually the essence of what creates the visible results from the law of attraction. Anytime we have an experience that contrasts with what we really want, we begin asking for the circumstance of our desire.  Our request is granted yet it cannot show up into our reality until we allow it in by being in a state of receptivity or allowing.

To do this we need to make the quantum leap between how we are feeling given our current situation and the feelings we would have if we had already obtained the new circumstance. We have to embody the vibration of what we are wanting in order to be able to receive it. Most people are focusing on thinking about it and they plan to experience it as soon as it actualizes. This is backwards. First experience and embody it and then celebrate when it shows up.

If you are feeling stressed about money, money cannot flow in because your current stressful vibration is a great distance away from the vibration of satisfaction, relaxation and freedom that you will feel as a result of having plenty of money. If you have a lot of resistance and angst around a particular result that you desire, take your mind off it and focus on feeling satisfaction about anything in your life that feels easy. Just getting relaxed and receptive will allow you to create the atmosphere to allow in many different things you have asked for.

There may be a big gap in how you are showing up now and how you will need to show up in order to manifest your money. Here are 8 prosperity practices to fast track your results.

  1. Envision and Embody prosperity. If you had more than enough money, how would you feel, act, think, behave and move through the world? Write this down. Then embody it in every moment that you can.
  2. Align yourself with a vibration of abundance by practicing gratitude every morning and evening. You can begin with simple things: I have plenty of air to breathe, I appreciate the clouds, trees, plants I see everywhere, I am grateful for______________________________________________
  3. Practice joyful receptivity. If someone gives you a compliment or a gift, practice fully receiving it and experiencing the natural happiness that comes from that. It may take some practice to allow yourself to receive easily so be patient with yourself.
  4. Give, give, give. Bring a spirit of generosity to every interaction. Give money away joyfully, leave a generous tip, and consider choosing organizations and projects that you’d love to support. Consider tithing 10% of your income to these causes.
  5. Prosperity Purchasing. Joe Vitale coined this concept. He says if you can afford it and you truly desire it, buy it. This affirms abundance and contributes to the law of circulation rather than scarcity.
  6. Take action when inspired. If you receive an idea that feels inspiring, honor it by taking action as soon as possible. Each idea you receive from somewhere higher than your logical mind is packed with the enthusiasm and plans needed to carry them out. Just like garden seeds, ideas that are stored become less productive over time
  7. Find, express and share your gifts and purpose. When you tap into this goldmine, you will bring light and happiness to yourself and others. You will do what you love and watch the money follow.
  8. Self love and self care. When we love and care for ourselves unconditionally, we naturally feel amazing. Just this step alone can do wonders for allowing in the wonderful experiences we have requested in other challenging moments. Nourish yourself with love, good food, rest, movement, laughter, nature, friendship, inspiration, and play until you feel like a million bucks. Then watch the millions follow.

As you can see, experiencing abundance is largely an inner game. We can adjust or increase our results by paying attention to how we feel. Most have us have not been taught or conditioned to focus inside especially as a way to affect our outer results. Just look at your current experience. How is it working? If you are experiencing financial stress or limitation, try something new. Apply these prosperity principles and watch what occurs!